Anke Van Reeth • Freelance designer and Front end developerAnke Van Reeth • Freelance designer and Front end developerABOUT ME

Hello. I’m Anke. Designer and Front end developer.

I design beautiful identity branding and user experiences with tools like Photoshop and Sketch.

I code custom responsive WordPress themes and love to bring my designs to life! I often use the Bootstrap grid, and integrate e-commerce sites with Woocommerce.

I work as a freelancer remotely for some great digital agencies around the world (including Spain, Belgium, Malta, Luxembourg, South Africa).

circle-attendeeI was born and raised in Belgium, lived 5 years in Italy and now I’m based near Madrid, Spain.

I speak fluent English, Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch.

I my job, hikes in nature, photography, illustrations, good movies, Mediterranean people, culture and food, coffee – lots of coffee, but most of all my boy and babygirl.


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